Website maintenance
Insight and analysis
Merchant partnerships
Sales promotion
Winner management
Content development

With London selected as the first of over 40 ‘Priceless’ city locations, Mastercard approached Big Group London to manage, co-ordinate and execute the Priceless London campaign. The campaign offers exclusive experiences to Mastercard Global customers.

Big Group identified, recruited and managed strategic partnerships for the programme, creating bespoke events and working with other agencies and partners to deliver unforgettable experiences. We also managed all digital aspects of the programme; from contentmanagement to eCRM, forming the basis of an integrated multichannel communication platform, which has spaned more than 6 years.

Big Group have been at the forefront of building Mastercard an experiential website for Priceless Cities that now covers the globe. This continues to develop with new features and functionality, with Big Group managing each iteration by creating content; managing new partners, events, sponsorships and offers; and delivering effective communications.

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