27th August 2020

Holly Dimes Creative Services Manager

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Frontline has been on the frontlines of the ever-evolving Retail landscape for years. In the face of a global pandemic and rapidly changing customer needs-in terms of both payments and services-we've been exploring how stores will need to adapt to stay relevant.

With consumers increasingly wary of hygiene in public spaces, we're anticipating stores switching to contactless controls. Solutions like infrared and motion sensors and voice controls will be both retrofitted and installed as new on displays to limit physical contact without stifling engagement.

Where hygiene can't be literally hand-waved away, we think germ-busting technology will see a surge in popularity. This could become the norm for newer displays, and applied to older ones with novel treatments that keep staff and customers safe from unseen threats.

This isn't fantasy-we were already helping physical stores with all this and more-VR showrooms with built-in data capture software, projection mapping, smart lighting to guide consumers to products ... COVID-19 has just accelerated the move towards experiential retail spaces.

One thing is for certain – we’re excited to see what tomorrow will bring.

If you’d like to speak to us about Innovation Technology, please get in touch at info@Frontline-display.co.uk

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