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Our client and their challenge

Sage, is a world leader in kitchen appliances. They produce equipment designed to inspire people to create perfect food and drink in their own home with ease. From espresso machines to food processors, the innovation in each appliance delights. 

One of Sage’s biggest growth areas is in the bean-to-cup coffee making sector. Sage has developed machines for the home that deliver the same third wave quality coffee as commercial specialty machines. This third wave of coffee is a movement that views coffee as far more than a commodity, considering it to be an artisanal food like wine, where the coffee produced is the ultimate taste experience. 

Innovations in processing techniques have resulted in higher quality taste attributes. Introducing and educating shoppers in this new approach to quality coffee required a narrative and a retail experience that ensures customers are given 

the correct knowledge to choose the right machine. 

Our role was to support Sage in redefining the shopper journey across their John Lewis retail estate. The first location being the flagship Oxford Street John Lewis store.  The challenge was to educate shoppers in the ease of use and quality of coffee that the products deliver. Thus transferring their passion for food & beverage preparation into a high street retail environment and ultimately drive sales. 

Our process and solution

Through interrogation of shopper insight, data and analysis, we made recommendations on the future look and feel for Sage. We provided a category management approach that was enhanced by the use of industry leading touchless technology. 

A careful mix of product USPs was balanced with cross category educational elements. This immerses the shopper on the retail journey and guides them to the premium bean-to-cup coffee category.  

Working closely with Sage’s ambassador team, we created a physical representation of their ideal selling journey within the John Lewis retail space. This process involved alignment with both the Sage International brand team and the John Lewis retail team.  We created and delivered an exciting and educational retail experience that met the needs of everyone involved.  

With the demands of the pandemic dictating customer reassurance as a priority, we incorporated gesture-controls to the visual displays.  These guide the consumer through a sensory and educational experience centered around simplicity of use and the quality of coffee produced. 

The result and impact

In Spring 2021 the Sage retail space at the John Lewis Oxford Street store was opened to the public. The immediate reaction to the display was extremely positive.  Customers continue to engage with the educational experience and comfortably follow the clear narrative of the display and sample the freshly made espresso coffee. 

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