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LG’s new flagship for 2017 is an extraordinary OLED television that is just 2.57mm thick and sticks to a wall using magnets.

It therefore sits almost completely flush to its background.

It will be available in 77-inch screen sizes, with a separate 4.2 channel Dolby Atmos soundbar and media box attached to the panel through one strip cable.

It won Gold at CES for Best of Innovation.

Skyworth’s double sided OLED screens are ideal for display purposes. Skyworth introduces its 55” Dual-View flat OLED screen with high resolution display on both sides. They resolve a common issue where the rear of the screen is seen as well. Also shown by Konka.

Screen Technology - Frontline Display
Screen Technology - Frontline Display
Screen Technology - Frontline Display

Sony CLEDIS Display One of the most impressive displays on the show floor was the Sony CLEDIS (Crystal LED Integrated Structure) system. It is an emissive video display in which the red, green, and blue subpixels are microscopic LEDs. These units are grouped into tiles that can

be assembled into just about any shape and size. The clarity and brilliance of the images was stunning, creating a truly eyecatching display. Ideal for creating premium environments.

Screen Technology - Frontline Display
Screen Technology - Frontline Display

KDX claim they are the world’s first and only 3D solutions provider for glasses-free 3D optical film materials production, optical design, intelligent player software, laminating processes and 3D content. KDX hold over 800 patents.

It makes everything come alive in 3D without wearing uncomfortable glasses – for automotive, gaming, movies, TV, photography, displays, advertising, archiving and more.

KDX is collaborating with Philips, Dolby, and smartphone & tablet companies to build a global glasses-free 3D alliance.

These high quality screens can also be provided in versions which track eye movement and therefore focal distance, which improves the quality and 3D effect further.

Say Necklace Wearable social media screen. These can link to content on phones, create and capture short video loops or create slideshows from photos.

They are able to import video gifs and images.

Say Necklace can subscribe to brands or celebs via an app. All users then receive the same updates, making it an ideal marketing tool.

Screen Technology - Frontline Display

Royole’s Flexible Display Only at prototype stage but a glimpse of what the future holds. The flexible display offers many advantages over conventional display technology: ultra thin, lightweight, bendable, portable, shatter-proof, unbreakable and low energy.

Royole’s flexible displays will have profound implications for next generation electronics by enabling brand new form. factors and applications.

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