Consumer Lighting Technology - Frontline Display
Lighting Technology - Frontline Display
Lighting Technology - Frontline Display

Sony LED Bulb Speaker Wake up to the sound of your favourite station — all you have to do is switch on the light. The LED Bulb Speaker seamlessly brings music to any room in the house, so you can easily set the soundtrack to your day. Just replace your standard lightbulb to start listening. The speaker is completely wireless. With 192 colour settings and 32 levels of brightness, you can find the perfect tone for every mood.

You can easily set the colour and brightness with the dedicated LED Bulb Speaker Application.

The specially designed remote gives you easy control. You can also manage your music with the SongPal app, just tap your smartphone to the remote to get started.

And that’s not all. Synchronise your light and music settings manually for an environment that matches your mood.

Nanoleaf Aurora Modular Smart Lighting
The Nanoleaf Aurora is an accent lighting setup that consists of a number of different triangle-shaped panels that can be lit up in different shades to provide ambient mood lighting.

While the Nanoleaf Aurora has been available for purchase for a few months, Nanoleaf introduced the Aurora Rhythm, an audio visualiser module that connects to the Aurora and allows the lights to fluctuate in time with music beats.

The Aurora Rhythm is a plug-in module that attaches to an existing Aurora display. Its built-in audio sensors pick up on music and transform beats and melodies into beautiful colour displays.

Lighting Technology - Frontline Display
Lighting Technology - Frontline Display
Lighting Technology - Frontline Display

Corning and Sumatro Electric. Fibrance Light-Diffusing Fiber goes where bulky lighting elements can’t. It enables colourful decorative lighting to be designed or embedded to fit into just about any tight or small space.

This innovative optical fiber is created from a unique glass for maximum flexibility — allowing you to bend, curve and wrap it around almost anything, while maintaining bright, beautiful and uniform light.

Light can be cast through up to 10m of fibre-optic cabling. The products are available in standard lengths of 1m, 5m, and 10m diffusion lengths.

Smart Logic A thin, light and flexible new LED display board. Combined with wireless communication (Bluetooth, WiFi), it is fusion LED signage that can freely display the contents of your personal mobile phone or the internet.

Lighting Technology - Frontline Display

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