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Creative design is more than just visually stunning; it addresses multiple needs as well as meeting brand specifics.

Brands can face seemingly impossible restrictions to satisfy retailers’ demands, along with the numerous challenges to meet brand values, whilst attracting, informing, educating and influencing the shopper.

There is often no priority to these demanding requirements with brand owners and marketers looking to design agencies with a wish list to provide solutions that address all the issues. But the reality they receive from Creatives can often side sweep some of these important factors, dazzling with spectacular visuals but ultimately lacking the fundamentals to do the job well.

Really great designs can solve the problems of how to merchandise, provide retail necessities, and stand the test of time for the brand; evolving as trends dictate, but retaining the core function. And some solutions can be so good there is little need to change them!

Kenco Machine - Frontline Display
Kenco Singles - Frontline Display
Kenco Singles Machine - Frontline Display

The Kenco Coffee Company (now owned by Mondelez International) started up in 1923 selling coffee direct to customers through mail order and a single shop in Mayfair. Today they are one of the most successful global coffee brands. In the 1980’s Kenco introduced its Singles Capsule System and was stumped at how

to merchandise the single coffee sachets to accompany the appliance.

One of Frontline’s earliest projects was to help Kenco. Thinking outside of traditional merchandising we come up with a solution that held the small coffee capsules. Our design and development was an injection

moulded unit with a unique moulded pusher system that supports the weight of the products, allows easy front loading, ease of flavour selection, and an additional draw for accessory products. This solution is still in use today on the latest equipment in the Kenco Business sector.

Pencils - Frontline Display
Acco - Frontline Display

Recognised throughout the Arts & Stationery industry, the Cumberland Pencil Company has been trading Derwent branded coloured pencils since 1938. We’ve worked with the company for over 25 years, helping them to overcome challenges such as the need to provide barcodes for the retailer but not wanting to have to put stickers on each loose pencil, as well as needing to provide the pencil colour name to assist in the shopper selection and help the retailer with product loading. In 2001 we designed and developed a unique pencil pod system with a drop down cover solution which provides the perfect housing for both the barcode and the colour name.

The units are created from a series of specifically injection moulded pods that snap together to generate displays of different heights or widths. The barcode piece is also moulded, with a location detail that allows it to simply pop onto the main unit once the product information stickers are applied to the front and rear faces.

The pods themselves feature locator holes which enable the units to stack on top of one another, creating a secure space saving unit. In addition, the modular design incorporates a channel in the rear which allows complete pod units to be assembled onto a bespoke steel frame work, forming a floor standing display system with

adjustable height.

These injection moulded units have been so successful that we are still producing them today for global use throughout independent and multiple art shops, just with a revamped colour change to modernise the look.

KP Crisps - Frontline Display

This simple looking stacking unit is often seen in use in European grocery stores. It may not look that exciting in 2015 but its functional form allows it to easily snap together, and it’s cost effective as well. KP was one of Frontlines first clients and they approached us when they introduced McCoys Crisps in 1985 and needed a clean and tidy way to present the products out of the box.  We designed and developed this much utilised injection moulded solution to merchandise the multiple crisp ranges in large supermarkets, where numerous units are linked together to create a system as tall and wide as desired. And the great thing about this solution; the product is clearly the hero.

KP Crisps - Frontline Display
Dickies - Frontline Display
Dickies - Frontline Display
Dickies - Frontline Display
Dickies - Frontline Display

Dickies, the popular work and street wear brand, outgrew their outlet store near Bath and needed to expand the space by converting their storage area into part of the retail space. They struggled with the need to carry large ranges of stock in different sizes, especially the bestselling multiple footwear designs, whilst losing the space to store them. Previously the shoes were unattractively

displayed and the vast number of boxes in different sizes took up a huge amount of floor space. Frontline were excited about the challenge and as part of the overall store design, developed unique pull-out ‘footwear walls’. The sturdy solutions involved the creation of a shelving framework built on runners on which large printed ‘panels’ form the display area for

the shoe. These printed ‘doors’, when installed in a row, created a seamless graphic wall of lifestyle shots. The boxes of shoes are stored behind the doors on the shelves, out of sight of the customers, but are easily accessed by store staff, who simply pull out the door when needed.

Drill Pieces - Frontline Display

Tools can be some of the hardest items to merchandise, being heavy, unwieldy, and often presented in cluttered trade outlets. Draper Tools, one of the most well-known worldwide suppliers of quality, specialised tools have been regularly challenged with presenting awkward shaped products to trade professionals. Over the past 35 years Frontline and Draper have collaborated to find bespoke solutions for loose products for trade counters. Simple but effective designs for items such as loose drill bits see the clever use of constructed steel tubes with simple acrylic front panels depicting the product size. To avoid theft of these easily pocketed items, the trade staff access the relevant item

from the rear of the unit. Similarly with Yale, this clever peg board trade unit for blister packed product was designed to be either counter standing or, with the base easily lifted away, hung on a slat wall by the till area, using the integral fixing.

Draper - Frontline Display
Yale - Frontline Display

By Andrea Griffiths